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"From the ease with setting up appointments, to the proficient handling of the insurance claims, on top of a surprisingly pain-free procedure, I have to say that this has been as pleasant as dental extraction can get."

-Jason dlP

"I could not be happier with Dr. Oh. He's a superb dentist, and he complements his outstanding expertise with the use of state-of-the-art technologies. Just as important, he — and his entire staff — are truly good people: friendly, professional, always patient-oriented, and exceptionally cooperative. He has earned my absolute trust and respect. He'll be my dental professional forever."

-Roy Kiefer

"I was very happy and impressed with doctor Oh and his staff. They were very friendly and welcoming. His judgment and treatment were insightful, and I appreciated his guidance as I needed urgent care. He took care of everything as I was in pain for over six months. I went to a different dentist, and they gave me the wrong diagnosis, but Doctor Oh was able to help me. It was worth the long drive, and I would go again as I live in Maryland. I can trust Dr. Oh. Thank you!"

-Kristie Chung

"Always a pleasure going into Dr. Oh's office. He and his team are always very personable and experienced. He has my 100% trust and confidence."

-Fred Miller

"Had a great experience at Spring Dental Care. I have pretty sensitive teeth, and Dr. Oh took special care to ensure I didn't experience any pain. I will come back for my bi-annual cleaning."

-Shannon Wilde